Book Your Trip to Cuba

Step 1: Fill out our forms

Read the Travel Restrictions, fill out a Travel Affidavit. As all citizens and residents whether temporary or permanent are considered to be subject to U.S. jurisdiction, you must travel under one of the categories of people allowed to travel to Cuba. 

Step 2: Choose your flights

Flights are available from the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Europe. All travelers under U.S. jurisdiction and all travelers booking with Common Ground are required to comply with the U.S. regulations whether traveling directly from the United States or from a 3rd country. Contact us for information on flight schedules.

Step 3: Book Accommodations and Transportation

Common Ground books all categories of hotel throughout the island from basic to all-inclusive and selected casas particulares (B&Bs). We are glad to make recommendations based on your budget and the city and neighborhood where you wish to stay.

Common Ground can arrange for your car rental in Cuba. Please contact us for hotel and/or car rental prices and more information.

Step 4: Receive invoice and make payment


You will receive a detailed invoice for your trip explaining all your services, costs, and the cancellation policy. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. Note that late fees may apply for late reservations or late payments.

Make Payment

Make payment by check, or complete the credit card authorization on your invoice and return by fax.  Note that personal checks cannot be accepted within 10 days of date of departure. Common Ground sends all documents by 1 day or 2 day expedited mail service with your account number or credit card number to ensure safe delivery of all your travel documents.   Common Ground must also have received forms with your original signature on all travel documentation–Travel Affidavit, Letter of Authorization (if traveling with a specific license), and Flight Reservation Form (if required)–before releasing your travel documents.

Step 6: Receive your travel documents, and you’re on your way to Cuba!

  • Connecting airline ticket to departure point if confirmed and purchased directly from Common Ground
  • Charter, commercial or other Cuban airline ticket Land services voucher
  • Copy of legal documentation establishing qualifications for permitted travel to Cuba
  • Visa
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Map
  • Tips on Travel to Cuba
  • Informative material



Current guidelines from the U.S. Treasury Department conferences may be attended under General License.  Read the U.S. Treasury Department guidelines

Para pasajeros nacidos en Cuba visitando familia en Cuba, favor leer primero la pagina en español con información sobre visitas familiares.