The following forms are required by Common Ground Travel
for all travelers working with our agency

Travel Forms

To start the arrangements for Cuba, all passengers should read the Travel Restrictions, and then complete an Application Form and return it with original copy of our Travel Affidavit and a legible copy of your passport (valid 6 months beyond date of return from trip) to Common Ground Education and Travel Company. If traveling via Miami, you will also need to complete the flight reservation form for the specific flight charter company with which you are flying (see Flights) and return an original copy to Common Ground. The visa form is included in the application form specific to your trip. To expedite, you may fax the forms before mailing them to us (see contact information).


Please contact us and fill out a Travel Affidavit to begin making travel arrangements to Cuba.


Please contact us if you are planning to take a group to Cuba. We will assist you in planning the trip and understanding and following the U.S. government travel requirements. 

Visite nuestra página en español para los formularios necesarios para tramites de pasaportes, visas, y prórrogas.