Common Ground has been a leading expert in exchanges with Cuba for more than 20 years. We organize professional research trips for people in a wide range of fields, relying on our many years of contacts and our expert colleagues in Cuba. We also organize trips for individuals eligible for travel under the U.S. regulations, and we assist a wide range of organizations, universities, and other institutions with programs in Cuba.

In this service, Common Ground provides airline and charter airline tickets to and from Cuba and within Cuba, hotel accommodations, transportation, guide services, lectures, visits, academic and cultural programs and meals, for both specialized and generalized tours of all cities and provinces of Cuba. Under U.S. regulations, Common Ground cannot provide tourist services, though it does provide cultural and historical site visits and tours to qualified travelers.

In addition, it provides passport, visa and other consular-related services to Cuban-Americans and provides Cuban visas either directly issued from its office or processed through its office with the Cuban Consulate in Washington and authorized visa services in Cuba. Additionally, it provides retail domestic and international air carrier, car rental and hotel services to its individual clients and groups in relation to Cuba travel. It also provides retail services for leisure and business travel for group and individual clients and referrals to other, non-Cuba destinations.


Debbie Ledesma

Debbie Ledesma is the director of Common Ground. She is a travel agent since 1993. She has traveled and worked exclusively with Cuba since 2011.