It's a new era in travel to Cuba and we have more than a decade of experience to guide you.


It's an exciting time to travel to Cuba! Common Ground Education and Travel Company has extensive expertise and contacts to help you plan a rich and memorable experience. New travel regulations have extended the possibilities for any American to travel to Cuba, as well as to those traveling in other categories. Common Ground offers legal travel to Cuba and provides a complete range of services to and in Cuba for all travelers. We also offer visas and passport renewals, and full travel service for Cuban-Americans to Cuba. 


Plan Your Trip


Common Ground books flights from all locations, as well as from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Europe. Click the link below to learn more to begin booking your trip to Cuba.


Common Ground books all categories of hotel throughout the island from basic to all-inclusive, as well as selected casas particulares (B&Bs). We can make recommendations based on your budget and the city and neighborhood where you wish to stay.

Other services

Common Ground books air and ground transportation within Cuba including flights between cities and car rentals; and provides visas for entry to Cuba, as well as Cuban passport renewals for Cuban nationals; and more.